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Who is this test for?

People who have been asymptomatic for at least seven days, who want to know if they have been exposed to COVID-19 in the past, who work in a high-risk profession, or for employers to screen their workforce.

Does this test for/diagnose COVID-19?

NO! This screens for antibodies, which are a specialized type of immune cell your body produces in response to COVID-19. This test detects two types of Antibodies: IgM (early responders) and IgG (late-stage protectors) and can – through their combination – begin to paint a clinical picture of if/when you were infected.

Is this the test where they shove a swab up my nose?

No. This test uses a venipuncture (blood draw) to confirm the presence of antibodies. Testing is done by CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory.

What’s the point of this test?

The results of this test help identify people who have had COVID-19 and have now developed an immune response to it. In the future, this may potentially be used to help determine, together with other clinical data, that those people are no longer susceptible to infection and can return to work. In addition, these test results can help in determining who may donate plasma, which may serve as a possible treatment for those who are seriously ill from COVID-19.

Can this test be performed on symptomatic people?

Technically yes, but we DO NOT recommend it. In fact, the test information alludes to the idea that symptomatic individuals run the risk of test error.

What’s the best result a patient can get on this test?

This is a matter of opinion, but generally, it’s IgG (+), IgM (-) would mean that the immune reaction happened in the past and that IgG antibodies are hanging around in the blood to prepare for future attacks.

Is this test FDA approved?

This test is available via the FDA’s 3/16/20 Policy for Diagnostic Tests for Coronavirus Disease-2019 during the Public Health Emergency. Its clinical methodology is FDA approved and reagents are cleared under the above policy.

What does it mean that other versions of coronavirus can cause a positive result?

This test is for antibodies to the coronavirus family of viruses, of which COVID-19 is a member. If a person gets a positive result on this test, and it’s because of another strain of coronavirus, our current scientific theory is that their immunity may still be better than the average person because of the relationship between cross-reactivity and cross-immunity.

Is the Lab Based test more accurate than the point of care rapid test?

The lab-based immunoassay is not more accurate under ‘ideal conditions’, which is how validation studies take place, but in practice, the lab-based test has a lower chance of human error in both the test performance and interpretation. It also gives scientists, in a high complexity CLIA laboratory, access to blood samples, which can be used for research purposes, eventually adding to our body of knowledge about COVID-19 and other similar viruses.

Do I need to confirm these results with a Viral RNA test?

No. We are running these tests on asymptomatic individuals. You’ll learn if you’ve had COVID-19 in the past or that you haven’t had it at all. This is not a preliminary test to run before Viral RNA testing. Eventually, there will be new types of antibody testing available, that give us more specific information about past/recent infections. When these have been invented, they will be a recommended confirmatory test. These will work much in the same way we look for measles or hepatitis immunity through titers.

If I’m positive for having the Coronavirus Antibody what does that mean?

Depending on which type of antibodies you are positive for, you may already have had COVID-19, without realizing it, and recovered. Although our body of knowledge about COVID-19 is still evolving, this test is suggestive of functional immunity.

What is the clinical sensitivity and specificity for this test?

89.89% and 97.50% respectively. It is also worth noting that this test has no cross-reactivity with several other known viruses, such as Influenza A and B, HIV, hepatitis B and others.

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If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or you have had symptoms in the past, this is the test for you. You must be asymptomatic (free of symptoms) for at least seven (7) days prior to testing.

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