Pharmacogenomics: DNA Sensitivity Drugs Testing

Pharmacogenomics: DNA Sensitivity Drugs Testing

Your patients’ health is your top priority. If their drug therapies aren’t helping, where can you turn?

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Through Genelex pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing, powered by YouScript® Precision Prescribing software, you’re able to achieve optimal prescribing by addressing barriers to precisionmedication management. With actionable, personalized drug and dose optimization recommendations based on a combination of genetics and the latest evidence in the clinical workflow, you’re able to hone in on a regimen that works.

The provided PGx prescribing guidance covers hundreds of commonly used medications, including those frequently prescribed for high-risk patients across oncology, psychiatry, cardiology, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and pain management.


You Script
YouScript® Precision Prescribing software offers the most comprehensive medication management analytics software on the market. Entirely evidence-based, YouScript makes the complex process of customizing prescriptions to an individual’s inherent drug metabolizing capacity easy. With pharmacists and physicians regularly updating the analytics and testing panel — you can be confident that all prescribing guidance is in line with current research. YouScript puts the growing body of drug metabolism knowledge at your fingertips, enabling you to predict which prescription medications will work best for your patients

Right drug. Right dose. Right now.

PGx testing helps doctors determine the correct medication and dose base on each patien’s metabolism resulting in improved efficacy of medications and reduced risk of adverse effects. When it comes to your patient’s health, the numbers speak for themselves


Personalized prescribing with Grenelex provided by Youscript enables the selection of the right drug and right dose for every patient.


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