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2020 Clearinghouse:
What You Need to Know as a DOT Employer

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Before January 6, 2020

  • Go to and click Go to to create an account
  • Once you have created a account, you can complete your registration in the Clearinghouse
  • Verify your information is correct
  • Designate ARCpoint Labs Of Tampa as your C/TPA, checking the boxes for Violations, Report RTD, and Conduct Queries for full-service assistance from ARCpoint Labs (required for owner/operators to designate and work with a C/TPA
  • Send invitations to other employees who need access to the Clearinghouse on your behalf
  • Purchase a query plan that best fits your business
  • Have your CDL drivers register in the Clearinghouse
  • Register for and attend the ARCpoint webinars to continue learning as Clearinghouse information evolves
  • Work with ARCpoint Labs to create an addendum to your current drug/alcohol policy
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How will the Clearinghouse improve highway safety?

  • Easier for employers to meet pre-employment investigation obligations
  • More difficult for drivers to hide past violations
  • Ensure drivers have received proper evaluation before operating a CMV
  • Conduct queries for any unresolved drug and alcohol program violations
  • Easier for FMCSA to determine employer compliance

After January 6, 2020

  • Work with ARCpoint Labs as your designated C/TPA and industry expert to navigate through the Clearinghouse new requirements
  • Instruct your CDL drivers to provide electronic consent, review their record and designate a SAP if necessary
  • Report drug and alcohol violations (>0.04%), negative (return-to-duty) RTD test results, and refusal to test by the close of the third business day after the violation has been reported to the employer
  • Conduct queries for any unresolved drug and alcohol program violations
  • Conduct queries on all current employees at a minimum of once a year

Q: How long is a driver’s violation info retained in the Clearinghouse?

A: 5 years

Q: What CDL Drivers will be affected?

A: Drivers of vehicles >26,001 lbs, carrying 16+ passengers, or transporting hazardous materials

Q: Can a violation be reported if the driver is not registered for the Clearinghouse?

A: Yes!

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