Legal Forensic

When you need to confirm test results—use human ID match.

Legal Forensic

Did you test positive for drugs or alcohol and need legal proof to determine if the specimen tested was actually yours? Arcpoint labs can assist you with a DUI Defense panel by performing a DNA extraction and analysis on a submitted evidence sample such as urine or blood that was previously tested positive for alcohol or drugs.  We can then compare that DNA to the DNA of the person whom you collect a reference sample from.  Our human ID match can compare the tested sample of blood or urine to a cheek swab from you to know for sure. In addition to this powerful test, Arcpoint Labs,Tampa Florida, DNA Laboratory offers a full array of accredited forensic testing through partner labs and facilities. Call today for more information.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Forensic robotic analysis to obtain a genetic profile from even trace amounts of DNA
  2. Report showing the relationship between all tested samples
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